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Hoss & Brown representatives from the inception of the design of this project have provided an excellent service to the City. Neil and the others involved in this project always had the city’s best interest in mind. They listened & evaluated all the City’s requests and responded accordingly and efficiently through the project design and construction. They aided in determining the best course of action for issues or obstacles while in construction and always provided the City with information needed to help us make the best-informed decisions throughout the project. Hoss & Brown showed the vast knowledge and expertise that was needed on our project to provide the most economical, efficient, and sustainable systems for the facility in which the City anticipates seeing a return in the future.

– Chris Clerx – City of O’Fallon, Senior Project Manager

Our number one issue in working with consulting engineers for design/build projects is culture and shared values. Neil and his team are much aligned like US Engineering is. They do everything with integrity and are very responsive to customer needs, even after hours. We highly recommend Hoss and Brown’s Neil Bartley and his team.

– Steve Hancock – US Engineering Company

Hoss & Brown was patient, flexible and took the time to explain options and challenges to the owner. The result was a successful project. We prefer to work with Hoss & Brown for all our indoor aquatic projects.

– Dave Schwartz – Water’s Edge Aquatic Design

There is a real sense of camaraderie in the company. You know that you can rely on your coworkers and on management to always make sure we are putting out the best product that we can, while ensuring that no one gets left behind. Everyone looks out for each other, and that makes a difference. You never walk into work and feel like you’re alone. There is always someone willing to put in the extra effort to help you out.

– Matt B.

I chose Hoss and Brown to further my professional career because all of the experience they bring to the table. The leadership team values all of its employees and strives to make the company better everyday. The entire staff has been very helpful in helping me transition into my new role. I look forward to coming to work everyday.

– Richard C.

I’m able to get exposed to multiple disciplines of engineering and then put it to use which I find absolutely delightful. The leadership is competent, deft, and more than willing to share their knowledge. I could not have found a better company to begin my career.

– Jake P.

I enjoy working for Hoss & Brown because they invest in every single employee. It is clear they care very much about helping develop their employees’ skills and talents, and they do so in a way that motivates us engineers to want to learn more and utilize this advantage. The small size of our company also allows young employees to learn from and work directly with project managers and principals in the company, in a way that larger firms just can’t accommodate. There is such a healthy desire to learn shared amongst the whole staff, and I love how much communication takes place between peers. At Hoss & Brown, all ideas and proposed solutions to a design challenge are respected, and collaboration between workers of different experience levels always leads to opportunities for growth.

– Chris K.

As a young engineer, I have been given every opportunity to develop my technical skills, professional skills and personal skills to become the best engineer and the best version of myself. I proudly promote and recommend my company to all of my peers.

– Brad C.

I love working for this company. With being a smaller company you get to know everyone in the office regardless if you work on opposite projects. Everyone is seeking to better one another and with having a younger staff the office certainly has a strong learning environment. This company certainly has a lot to offer, everything from getting the basics under your belt to challenging design concepts that truly help you grow in your profession. I love it here and won't have it any other way.

– Colin H.

The interactive requirements between dimming, emergency, control, and audio/visual systems can be quite complex. Hoss & Brown has consistently provided clear direction through plans and specs. In the few instances where existing conditions conflict with design, they are active participants is finding the most cost effective solution and furnishing the contractor with concise direction. As a national account vendor for a major cinema chain, we value these qualities.

– Ron Doyle – Wiedenbach Brown

Having worked with Hoss & Brown and their knowledgeable staff on a significant number of projects over numerous years; I can attest to their professionalism, unmatched work ethic and technical background in the Engineering field. When looking for a solution to a problem they think of the simple most cost effective solutions as well as the outside of the box but could work possibilities. They are well versed in all aspects of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing fields and provide a well-coordinated final product. They are our go-to Engineering firm.

– Beverly Stein – Lickel Architecture

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